Spreading happiness one drawing at a time.

Hi – My name is Vena Carr! I’m an illustrator practicing in New Brunswick, Canada. Working primarily with watercolour, I draw things that make me happy and I hope they can make you happy, too!

The subject matter of my artwork has its roots in my childhood. I grew up in the semi-rural community of Noonan NB, where I spent most of my childhood going on adventures in the woods, observing wildlife and collecting rocks, fossils, and flowers. Being a shy girl living in a small community, I did not have many friends. However, I did enjoy the company of my many animal companions. I felt a kinship with animals and had a special bond with many of the animals in my life, hence their repeated appearance in my work.

Since I was a toddler, I have always had a love for drawing. When I was older, I decided that I would pursue a career that would allow me to practice my creativity. In 2015, I began studying Foundation Visual Arts at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. After graduating from that program, I returned to the same college to study Graphic Design and graduated with honors in the summer of 2017.  Although I still work as a graphic designer, I am also working as a professional illustrator. Since graduating, I have continued my education to make myself a better creative entrepreneur in order to turn my passion into a career. If you’re an emerging illustrator in the same position, check out my blog for more information.

Currently, I work out of my in-home studio in Fredericton, New Brunswick. My work is available online via Redbubble or at the various local events, including the Garrison Night Market. I am working towards offering my products in more locations across Atlantic Canada, and I will soon have my own independent online store where I can offer exclusive, handmade items.

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