For those of you who don’t know, I work part-time as the marketing manager at Craft NB, a non-profit organization “promoting excellence in crafts, maintaining standards of craftsmanship, connecting makers and buyers, and creating a knowledgeable and supportive community of craftspeople and craft enthusiasts”. A lot of my time there is spent in the office, but I also get to help with organizing festivals and exhibits, and travelling to other events with some really awesome artists! This past weekend, the Craft NB staff traveled to one of my favourite cities, Halifax NS, for the Craft East Buyers’ Expo!

Now… Obviously I love New Brunswick artisans and illustrators, but this post is focusing on my top 3 favourite illustrators that I discovered at Craft East. I identified with these three Atlantic Canadian illustrators because of their choice of medium and subject matter. Two of these artists work with watercolour and ink (my current mediums of choice), and the other works with paper collage (a medium I worked with a couple years ago). Their illustrations are sweet and whimsical, and they all shared a love for nature and animals.

So, without further ado, here are My Top 3 Favourite Illustrators at the Craft East Buyers’ Expo!


#1. Sarah Christie Illustration

According to her website, Sarah Christie is “a freelance illustrator living on the beautiful Canadian East Coast, just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.” Her work is inspired by her love of nature, fantasy, and comics, and she works primarily with watercolour and ink.

What I love about Sarah’s work is what I call “The Squee Factor”. Her illustrations are just so dang cute! You can find more of her work on her website, There you can order commissions and find her store where you can purchase prints, greeting cards, acrylic charms (below), coasters, and more!

#2. Peachtree & Finch Graphic Design

Jane Mason-Browne of Peachtree & Finch was the first illustrator I spoke with at Craft East. She was friendly and welcoming, and I was instantly drawn to her work. Jane uses watercolour and “just a touch of ink for contrast”. Not only is she a wonderful illustrator, but she has also illustrated and written THREE children’s books!

In addition to copies of her wonderful books, Jane also had a wide variety of greeting cards at her booth, featuring cute critters, sail boats, people enjoying life, and scenes from Nova Scotia. By looking at her work, you can tell that she has a deep love for nature and life in the Maritime provinces.

Although I could not find a website or social media channel for Peachtree & Finch, I did discover that she is a vendor at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, open 6 days a week!

Peachtree & Finch Graphic Design

Greeting cards by Peachtree & Finch Graphic Design. Photo by Steve Farmer.


#3. Cards by Kate

“Cards by Kate is a line of original handmade and printed reproduction greeting cards by Kate Mitchell of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada”

Kate creates her contemporary designs using traditional Japanese papers. She offers original, one-of-a-kind handmade cards, as well as printed cards. Her booth at Craft East was a bounty of beautiful stationary featuring adorable animals, nautical themes, plants, and everyday objects. You can even find her designs on tea towels and gift tags!

Cards by Kate are carried by retailers across Canada and the US, and it’s not hard to see why they are so popular. You can see more examples of her work at


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