If you read my most recent blog about My Top 3 Favourite Illustrators at the Craft East Buyers’ Expo, you know that I recently got to visit Halifax NS. My first visit to this city a few years ago led to me getting stranded in a hotel during a two-day snow storm, but even then it won me over. I am so in love with Halifax! The food, the sites, the people, and of course, the boutiques. I’m a sucker for small shops that are unique to their locale; shops that carry beautiful, handmade products that are hard to walk away from. I was in awestruck by the hand-knitted mittens at Jennifer’s of Nova Scotia, and I was ga-ga over the gift wrap at Duly Noted, but there was one boutique in particular that stole my heart…

During my most recent stay in Halifax, we were booked at an inn across the street from Inkwell, a store with an eye catching sign that read “Modern Handmade”. Everyday I told my partner, “We need to make sure we check out that shop before we leave town”. Although I was eager to pop in, I had no idea how amazing it would actually turn out to be. On our final day in Halifax, we took the time to check out this store.

Inkwell is a “modern handmade boutique and letterpress studio located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, with an abundant selection of specialty printed paper products and handmade delights made with love, by artists from around the corner and across the world.” When I first stepped in to Inkwell, the first thing that caught my attention were the art prints. Adorable cartoon characters, animals, plants, and motivational quotes created in Nova Scotia and across the world, collected on one shelf in this wonderful little store. There were illustrations of happy whimsical scenes of animals partying and playing. We saw works featuring fauna and flora native to Nova Scotia and the Maritimes. Handwritten quotes were also available for the art enthusiast who needs a daily reminder to be positive. My first 15 minutes was spent just taking in the incredible selection of prints. I knew right away that I was not leaving this place empty-handed. Below you can see this adorable whale print that I purchased, created by This Paper Ship.

Eventually, I had to pull myself away from the prints to appreciate the rest of Inkwell. The next thing I stumbled upon were the delightful greeting cards. Seriously, there are loads of cards there! Silly cards, sweet cards, sassy cards, sappy cards, and screen printed cards. Cards for everyone for every occasion! Some of the Maritime designers were familiar to me, but I was delighted to see so many unfamiliar names and creations (I love discovering new things). If you know me, you know that I appreciate a good greeting card and I love to make them, too!

All that being said, Inkwell does not just carry art prints and greeting cards. They also have a wide variety of pins, stickers, cushions, ceramics, candles, coasters, scarves, flasks, cat toys, cat bow ties, and SO MUCH MORE! Below you can see one of my favourite products, food inspired cat toys created by Mini Tiger Design (I’ll need to get some soon for my little girl).

I cannot get over how many things you can find in this shop. If you are an art enthusiast, home decor lover, or you’re just really crazy about your cat, Inkwell is the #1 Handmade Boutique for you! 10/10 would recommend.

If you haven’t already been to Inkwell, I know that you are dying to go now! Next time you’re in downtown Halifax, make sure to pop in. Can’t wait any longer? Lucky for you, they have an online store! You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see more of their products.

Fun Fact: If you see an item on their social media that you did not find in the online store, simply shoot them an email. If it’s in stock, they’ll be happy to ship it to you!

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