Spreading happiness one drawing at a time.

Vena Carr grew up in a little house in the middle of the woods in Noonan NB. Raised by hermits and bullied at school, Vena was both physically and socially isolated from her community. Because of this, she found comfort in spending time with her animal companions and observing the wildlife that surrounded her home. Very early in her life, Vena began to see animals as beautiful and complex as any human. This, combined with her passion for drawing, would later blossom into a professional endeavour.

Now living in Fredericton NB with her partner, Robert, and her cat, Velvet, Vena happily creates artwork on a daily basis in her home studio. She draws inspiration not only from her childhood and the animals in her life, but also from children’s books, cartoons, and everyday life. Having experienced a difficult childhood, and seeing the sadness and conflict in today’s news media, it is Vena’s goal to use her artwork to spread happiness and positivity.

About the Business

Founded in January 2018 and based in Fredericton NB, Vena Carr Illustration offers happy and wholesome designs on archival reproductions and stationery products, including greeting cards, stickers, and postcards. All items are created with high quality papers and inks, and all printing (excluding stickers) is done in-house. The artist oversees the entire process from concept sketch to finished paper product.

In addition to the designs you see in this kit, Vena Carr Illustration also accepts orders for custom artwork. For example, if you would like postcards featuring an animal or landmark that is significant to your region, this can be fulfilled (please note that there is an additional charge for custom work)

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