It’s time for another freebie!

Pretty pastel colours, egg-shaped candy, and cute bunnies and baby chicks everywhere. What’s not to love about Easter!?

In my house growing up, every Easter morning when the sun started shining through the windows, my kid brother and I would scramble out of bed and meet each other in the hallway. The competition was on to get the most chocolate eggs, which were hidden throughout the house by my parents the night before. They are advanced level egg-hiders, and we would discover foil-wrapped chocolates buried in the sugar jar or placed on top of a wall-hanging picture frame (often months later).

My brother and I would crawl under furniture, climb the counters, and furiously check the cupboards and the fridge. The family pets were baffled by our behavior.

Now, I could tell you that my brother and I were fierce opponents when it came to candy hunting, but truthfully we always split our finds 50/50 in the end.

Looking for a fun Easter activity to do with the little ones after their egg hunt? I created this adorable bunny colouring page that you can print at home and share with the kids, or take a break from the kids and colour it in yourself! Click the image below to redeem your bunny. (Can’t open PDFs? Click here)

I would love to see how you colour yours!

Upload your finished work to Facebook or Instagram using the tag #venacarrillustration and you could be featured.